Findhorn Bay School of Massage is the result of the realisation
that it is the practitioners depth of focus and presence combined with their skill that makes the difference to the client not their technique.Woman Receiving Back Massage

By listening attentively to over 5,000 clients Heather heard the same complaints about other methods and realised that each client has to be approached differently as each has unique requirements that can only be addressed by tailoring each massage to the individual.

Heather fuses and blends all the different massage techniques she has studied into a comprehensive but flexible and unique method of working .

From beginners to experienced professionals this way of working benefits both client and practitioner by considerably improving the quality of massage offered.

Tuition, which is available in Findhorn, Greece and Gambia and is available for up to a maximum of four people per workshop.

For further information contact Heather Ripley – Tel. 07704805696